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Why I should get listed in the Wise Listing Directory

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The disguised Power of Nofollow links

A link to your website still counts for WISE and is very important in a backlink profile. It still exists and it can still funnel traffic to your site. A site with 50 incoming links is going to perform better all around than a site with only 5, barring extenuating circumstances. To be clear; nofollow does not strictly mean what it says. Any SEO specialist will tell you “Google will still follow the link for the sake of discovering the page at the other end”.

If you’re avoiding sites that don’t give followed links, you’re cutting yourself off from these valuable opportunities. Even Google says you should work for the users first; what’s valuable to users is valuable to search. As an user, whether a link is followed or not has no bearing. As a marketer, a nofollowed link is a valuable opportunity. To the search engines, a balanced link profile is a boon. Pursue your links and forget about the meta. The truth is—adding in your own nofollow links will help the overall linking power by bringing traffic to your website but will also make notable gain in “Trust”.

Most SEO strategists recognize and embrace the nofollow attribute for its undeniable influence on authoritative link building and page ranking. Just as external sites linking to a company’s website provide “link juice” (page ranking credit) and assist with search engine ranking of the receiving site, outbound links from the company linking to other sites release “link juice” and assist their websites to rank in the search results. With more and more webmasters and search engine optimization firms implementing the NoFollow attribute, this had the potential to harm the Google search algorithm. Websites that were worthy of receiving a link were starting to be NoFollowed.

Are NoFollow Links are Good For My SEO?

Seo benefits for business

For sure they are. Search engines have become very smart as they mature with Hummingbird, penguin and Panda. Faking viral with paid links in traditional directories may have worked years ago; but these days, such a practice could leave you with a reindexed site. Google can quickly figure out whether you have a natural back link profile or an unnatural one. Another thing we know in this modern era of SEO, post-Penguin update, is that link diversity is key. 

It’s also true that NoFollow links are likely to help you attract DoFollow links which based on the fine print in Cutts’ definition of NoFollow links, could increase the value of the NoFollow links that are pointing to the same web page. Stop obsessing over only attracting DoFollow links and instead focus your efforts on creating quality content that will naturally attract a mix of NoFollow and well deserved DoFollow links. The Wise Directory Listing only serves quality content and you will benefit. Also our directory is following Google closely.

The Real value of Nofollow links

Let’s look at a few key points.

  • Increased Traffic – Nofollow or not, when you obtain a link from a relevant website it acts as an introduction to a wider potential audience. A link from a well regarded, authoritative, website that receives plenty of traffic is bound to have an influence on your site’s click through rate. That uptick in visitors does have a very real impact on the way Google assigns value and page rankings.
  • More Traffic Means More Leads – The increase of traffic, brought on by well placed nofollow links, means more leads that can be turned into conversions. If your website has been properly optimized, and the right conversions opportunities are in place, the traffic from nofollow links can definitely be profitable.
  • Nofollow Links Can Lead to Dofollow Links – Nofollow links should not be seen as a dead end. People that encounter your website or blog through a nofollow link, may in turn link it to their own sites. These may be nofollow links or dofollow links, but either way they expand the reach of your content.
  • Brand Building – Press release sites such as PRNewswire and PRWeb got crushed with Panda 4.0, and all links coming from these sites are nofollow links. It’s debatable whether to use press releases for SEO, but I think it’s still a great way to build great brand links.

Just take a quick look at what SEO experts say : Dario Zadro, MOZ, Eric Sornoso, Michaela Kennedy, Matt Cutts, Rob Toledo, Rand Fishkin, SemRush, Garry Grant, Harry Gab, Shaun Anderson, Adam Heitzman, Megan Marrs.